Meet Laura

Laura has a post graduate degree from Royal Roads University under the Master of Arts in Leadership. She has worked for the Government for over 15 years, mainly as a Director of Economic Development and Transportation programming. In her career Laura is on various federal working committees that focus on infrastructure strategies that will build and enhance the quality of life in Nunavut. As a current senior manager, her expertise will enhance diversity and inclusion which is valuable to government.

As a bilingual Inuk woman raised in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Laura will provide a much-needed awareness of and sensitivity to Nunavut’s unique history and social and cultural perspectives. Laura will lead by listening to the people in her communities. She will combine her knowledge of Inuit values with her  degree and skills in strategic analysis to better meet the needs of the people in  these communities.

As a mother and grandmother, she takes time to balance her life raising her young adult children. This is the case with many Nunavummiut and being aware and emersed with people in Nunavut, will focus on the need to find funding for housing, mental health and trauma informed therapy that focuses on indigenous (Inuit) and clinical therapy, the addiction centre for Nunavut is critically needed too.

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